Art Teacher - Elementary School

Tahoe Expedition Academy, Truckee, CA

Posted Jun 18, 2020

2020-2021 School Year
• In order to provide the appropriate collaboration time necessary to execute on the vision, full-time program faculty will begin the 2020-2021 school year on August 3. The time will be utilized for PD, collaborative prep time, tuning protocols, and moving. Full-time program faculty will have the week of August 31st off to rest before starting back with students on September 8, 2020.

Overview: Who We Are

At TEA, we believe
• . ..Education should be designed to unleash the infinite power of young people so they can make a positive impact in the world, right here and right now
• ...Education must be designed to adapt to and evolve with our changing world
• ...that failure and challenges should be embraced in a learning environment that encourages young people to explore, experiment, and take healthy risks
• connecting academics and emotional learning with the most meaningful real world challenges of our time and place
• using cultural competency to make a more just and equitable world
• ...all stakeholders must embrace the uncomfortable and unknown of this iterative project in human potential
• ...innovative work happens in collaborative spaces
• ...educators must teach students HOW to think but not WHAT to think.
• ...educators must teach and model perseverance, resilience, initiative, growth mindset, and integrity to develop young people who are badasses with hearts of gold
• ....we must have a yes and mindset to be achieve our mission and vision
• ...teachers can be a driving force behind innovation and change in education

Who is Right for this TEAm?

TEA is on the lookout for dynamic educators, project managers, professionals, and innovators who want to join us on our vision to design education for today s changing world so we can empower creative problem solvers with a social conscience. TEA is looking for individuals from diverse backgrounds who are committed to working towards a more just and equitable society.

If you feel this vision speaks to you and you have something to offer our communiTEA, please apply and well keep you in our thoughts as we continue to evolve and add to our team of creative and impassioned educators.

Primary Role:

Our Art Teacher is responsible for delivering high quality art education to all Pre-k through 5th grade students. We are seeking someone that is passionate and knowledgeable about art education, and that is able to create an engaging and holistic curriculum for our students. This is a full-time position. This role will be working in close partnership with our crew leaders (teachers) and other enrichment teachers. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, building strong relationships with students/ teachers/ parents, creating lesson plans, grading/ report cards, supporting coverage and other teacher duties, engaging in professional development and faculty meetings, professional and prompt communication, and other duties as needed.

A TEAm Member:
• Comes from diverse backgrounds in order to infuse our program with multiple perspectives and to help our students develop our learner outcomes.
• Is someone that believes in and inspires our students to regularly get out of their comfort zones (intellectually, emotionally, and physically), where the learning happens.
• Embraces being pushed out of their own comfort zone to model for students.
• Understands each student is different, hence differentiates curriculum and works with students to bring their passion for learning alive.
• Identifies and supports students social, emotional, academic, and behavior learning needs.
• Collaborates well with a variety of teams to plan, document, implement, assess, and reflect on projects, curriculum, fieldwork.
• Understands they are part of a bigger picture and that it takes an all hands on deck approach to deliver on TEA s vision and mission.
• Loves to facilitate learning and build skills through a variety of ways, including hands-on, real-life learning.
• Is proactive in planning logistics, such as scheduling, fieldwork, experts
• Is a steward of the campus, the program and our philosophy
• Thrives when building real-world, authentic learning experiences that connect to real life to build intrinsic motivation, enduring understanding, and real-world skills for students.
• Has a high level of self-motivation and follow-through, the tenacity to persevere and the ability to improvise and create quickly and creatively.
• Is a lifelong learner, constantly seeking opportunities to develop personally, and to help better others.
• Has a strong ability to provide and accept coaching and feedback from peers and school leadership.
• Is inspired to push learning outside the traditional four walls of school to work with experts, push kids out of their comfort zone and teach students to grapple with real-world problems.
• Has a strong character that is able to professionally connect with students and parents and collaborates effectively as a TEAcher TEAm to develop creative and integrated learning experiences.
• Demonstrates a high level of resilience and emotional intelligence.
• Identifies problems and actively solves them in order to better the organization, the team, and the student experience.
• Is willing, able, and excited to utilize longitudinal tools provided such as TEArs, GradeBook and project planning documents in order to better support the Lab School
• Utilizes exemplary strategies and techniques that meet the needs of individual students, groups, and classes in a highly responsive, student-centered, and inclusive manner.
• Understands that the world is not stagnant so education needs to keep growing and changing to prepare students for whatever life throws their way.
• Is passionate about changing education in their lifetime for the purpose of inspiring students to make a positive and lasting impact on the world.

• Prior experience in a commensurate field that can be applied to an educational framework. This does not have to be a teaching background, but should apply to the content being taught (i.e., film production background can teach film).

Competencies and Qualifications

Successful candidates will show a high level of competency in the following areas:
• Resilience and emotional intelligence.
• Positive, proactive, and professional communications and conflict management resolution skills and resiliencies.
• Show evidence of exemplary strategies and techniques that meet the needs of individual students, groups, and/or classes/groups of students in a highly responsive and inclusive manner.
• Have strong, creative and optimistic ideas and implementation strategies for Behavior Management.
• Must be able to reflect critically upon professional experiences in order to enhance professional effectiveness, contribute to the development of a learning community, as well as engage in a variety of professional learning activities that promote and/or enhance the development of that learning community.
• Participate in curriculum development and/or program teamwork, and provide leadership in the school by assuming a key role in school development processes.
• Establish partnerships with students, colleagues, parents, as well as facilitate teamwork within the school community to support student learning.
• Show an optimistic attitude toward parent engagement and interaction.

Enjoy Unique Benefits
• Practice and help invent progressive education with a purpose, while enjoying the freedom and independence to engage in new learning methods, projects and experiment with your ideas.
• Be a member of an inspirational and intellectual environment.
• Contribute to a mission bigger than ourselves to impact education on a national scale.
• Earn a competitive salary, health insurance and other benefits

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